Klein Girls Lacrosse Core Principles – Games

Respect for the Game

We believe that our players should exude respect for the game at all times.   This means protecting the other team’s players by avoiding cheap shots or injurious play.  Clean hits that result in injury are a part of the game, but a dirty play or a play made in anger or retaliation disrespects all who play.

Respect Leaders

We believe that players should respect the role of the referee and defer to their coaches to address any issues regarding officiating.  Teammates should respect their captains and their coaches at all times, irrespective of their agreeing with or disagreeing with a particular decision or action.

Look Like a Team

At any game or scrimmage, or other team event, all players will be expected to dress in the appropriate team attire as designated at the beginning of the season by the coach or team manager.  It will be essential that players and coaches look and comport themselves in a courteous and professional manner so as to bring honor and respect to themselves, their teammates and the organization.

Winning is a result, not an action

We thoroughly believe that winning is the result of actions taken by a team to achieve a goal.  It is not to be viewed as a means to an end.  Our coaches will play to a team’s particular strength or another team’s weakness in developing game plans.  Winning a game is the result of execution of that game plan.  Execution of a game plan does not guarantee winning, but failure to execute almost always assures defeat.  With total focus and effort, teams will achieve success regardless of what the scoreboard says.

Teams win, Not Players

We believe that good teams will always win out over great players.  Accordingly, we will stress the role of each teammate to another and to the team overall and utilize each player’s strengths, while mitigating their weaknesses to achieve team goals.  Our goal will be to create super teams of players, with defined roles, realizing that certain players by the nature of their role on a team may have more or less field time than another, or play in a particular situation.