Klein Girls Lacrosse Core Principles – General

It’s a Game for Life

We believe that Lacrosse is a game, a fun game, a fast game, a game of skill and a game that can be played over the course of a lifetime by those that love it.  We want to do all we can to help each player find this love and respect for the game.

Team First

We believe that teams win or lose, not players.

Character Matters

We believe that a player’s attitude as much as their aptitude is the key to the success they will have in Lacrosse, and in life.  It’s not about one player’s stats or a team’s win/loss record, rather it is all about improving, being a team player, accepting responsibility, placing no blame, and getting most of your abilities as they develop.

There are no Shortcuts

We believe that practice, attention to school work and family responsibilities are the key to developing great Lacrosse players and young men/women.

A Common System and Approach

We believe that a common system of play is essential for growing Lacrosse players.  Much time and effort is taken by coaches at all levels to align on a system of play, nomenclature to positional play and transitional elements allowing for optimal growth of players and teams over time.  We want even our youngest teams to begin playing in our designated system of play, making the necessary mistakes to grow. 

The Coaches Role

We believe that a coach is a coach not a parent with the job to teach skills, provide an understanding of how the game is played, motivate each player individually to achieve their very best and ensure that team goals are paramount to individual goals.