Klein Girls Lacrosse Core Principles – Practices

Commit to the Team

We believe that committed teams are made up of committed players.  Players should be punctual to practice, respect your teammates and your coaches, come with the attitude to learn and improve every time and leave off-field issues off the field.

Preparation & Presentation

We believe that most of the work for a successful practice happens well before players and coaches take to the field via the orderly development of a practice plan designed to work on team goals (and player skills).  Coaches are responsible to be prepared and present to their players an orderly and coordinated practice to ensure team cohesion and success.  An ill prepared practice, no matter how well exercised, is a waste of everyone’s time.

Motivation is a Noun not a Verb

We believe and expect that players will come prepared to give it their all.  As coaches, we will seek to tap into each player’s motivation to allow them to achieve success in their role, so that that team can achieve success in its goals.  While inspiration and direction will be a part of every practice and game, any player who needs to be “motivated” to play their hardest or to enjoy the game has bigger issues to deal with than a desire to play.